Saturday, February 2, 2013

January 29 2013

January 29 2013...It was one of most memorable in my life. 

I packed up my stuff from peoria and left for airport around 6.00 am. Last two days I was cleaning my house now was leaving Peoria for good. Such a nervous moment!! I was going to Houston via Chicago. I had two of my favorite flutes with me. I checked in my luggage at the air line counter and went to the gate for departure. I was happy, sad, nervous and emotional.
The airline lady at the gate came to me asking me the details about my flutes. They are too big to carry in the cabin. One of them is more than 3 feet. So as she started asking me about it, I became skeptical. I told her, they are all hollow and are very delicate. They are rare and fragile and I can't check them in. Then she said, "Can you play it?" I said "Yes. Ofcourse!!". "Can you play it now?" she said..I was surprised by her question. Though it was not much crowded, it was still a public place and I never played flute in public. I asked if that will be okay with the security authority. She said "It shouldn't be a problem.". I was so damn confused, I started playing 'Raag Sarang' at about 6.30 am but I was absolutely not in a position to choose the raag based on time. With my eyes closed, I played 'Sarang' for about 10 minutes. After I was done, she started appreciating the music and the instrument. She felt it to be thoroughly meditating. She thanked me for playing for her again and again. People around me were looking at me with a surprise on their face. But I felt so much relieved!! I thanked my flute and put them in the little bag.

After some time, the same lady came back to me. This time, she asked for my boarding passes. I didn't even ask why would she need it again. She came back after 10 minutes with a new boarding passes for me. She had upgraded me to First Class. I was speechless. I was rejoiced and I was humbled. 
What a gift I got on a otherwise damp morning!!! 
Thanks to all my gurus and Thank you Peoria!!

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